Speech Ideas: How the earth is flat/ how people believe it How the show Preacher portrays our unknowing of religion and the reason we exist Quotes: Tulip: The way I hear it, there’s two good places you can look for God: in church, or at the bottom of a bottle. Jesse: Maybe I’ll go find […]

Introduction:“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” The novel “The Great Gatsby” is a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald which takes place in 1925 and follows the character Nick (who also acts as the narrator) as he moves to New York and befriends a man by […]

A bright blinding beam slowly shines through the windows. It moves from room to room scanning slowly to make sure it doesn’t miss anything or anyone. I crawl up in a ball behind the teacher’s desk as the light slowly starts scanning past. It stops as it reaches me, In a panic, I hold my […]

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