Text Response 2 – Sticky Notes by Amanda Sharp

The film is about Athena (Rose Leslie) as she puts her failing dancing career on hold as she returns home to take care of her dead beat father who has been diagnosed with cancer.

The first aspect I liked about the film is  was Athena’s father Jack (Ray Liotta) as a character. He is the opposite of his daughter. Jack decides to not take his cancer seriously  and make jokes about his situation and not take any of the steps needed to try stop his cancer. he does things like continue to smoke and eat unhealthily. He does this because he doesn’t want to accept that he’s dying. He wants to act like everything will be fine and that his cancer will go away.

Another aspect I really enjoyed in this movie was the reveal towards the end that Honey Bunny is actually Athena as a child. It shows us what Athena used to be like around her father whilst showing us what she is like now at the same time. I also feel that it shows how she has grown to be quite a sad and serious person. This can be seen when Athena and Honey Bunny see each other for the first time at the Airport. Athena is wearing mostly black to show her serious and depressive tone and Honey Bunny is wearing bright colours to show her innocent and care free life style. It’s as if Athena is returning to her childhood innocence by getting into the car with her father. She is taking a break from her serious and failing career to take care of her fruity and care free father.

In the end this is a movie that I highly recommend. It’s an emotionally moving film with amazing ideas and aspects. With great acting and interesting and unique characters..

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  1. Jayden, you will need to select dialogue or additional film technique examples to support ALL of your points here – this will strengthen your discussion overall.

    At the end of each point, you need to relate the information from the visual text back to your own opinions, beliefs and/or thoughts. You could also consider what the information from the text teaches the viewer about humanity/the world.

  2. Jaydon, I encourage you to complete this response by including some of the aspects I suggested in the previous comment I.e. Using specific evidence from the text to support your ideas and including final judgements about what the text teaches you as the reader etc.
    * Please speak with me or send me a comment if you have any questions.

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