Text Response 3 – Uzumaki by Junji Ito

  1. The manga Uzumaki by Junji Ito takes place in a town by the name of Kurōzu-cho where strange things start to begin to both the residents and the city itself. A spiral obsession starts to consume the town and the only people who can try stop it are Kirie Goshima a high school student and her boy friend Shuichi Saito.
  2. One aspect of the book I quite liked was the use of spirals as an antagonist. It’s new and unique and much different than usual antagonists. It’s something that is portrayed perfectly through Junji Ito’s art style. The subtle use of the spiral in the very beginning of the text sets the unsettling tone for the rest of the text. It can be seen in the very first page of the text in both the foreground and the background with the ferns in the grass and the swirling clouds over the town. It doesn’t take long for the Idea of the spiral to be more in the face of the reader though. It happens on page 19 when Suichi’s father asks Kirie’s father to make a pot in the shape of a spiral. His face seems like that of a crazy person as he asks for it to be made. He talks constantly about “The art of the spiral”.
  3. A second aspect that I really enjoyed was the artwork of Junji Ito. He is  incredibly creative when it comes to crafting things in the name of horror. Whether it’s creepy cats or something as extreme as a shark with legs growing out of it’s stomach.

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